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Floater Removal in Baton Rouge LA

Floaters are very common especially as humans get older; most of us have experienced spots and shapes moving around within our field of vision. In most cases, they are temporary and not a sign of damage to the eye.

While floaters are generally not a cause for concern, they may signal a more serious issue if they persist over an extended time or suddenly worsen. When floaters are large, prominent, or obstructive, they should be examined by an eye specialist. 

In the past, people were told they had to live with debilitating floaters and there were no safe treatment options available. However, modern treatment for floaters is very safe and effective.

Why Do We Experience Eye Floaters?

As we age, the vitreous – the gel-like substance that makes up most of the eye begins to deteriorate; this can cause problems with our vision. Vitreous strands can become solid and float around in the liquid center of the eye. These substantial pieces that float inside the eye cast shadows on the retina as light passes through it. When light hits the particles of the vitreous, you see shadows.

Research shows that having nearsightedness, diabetes, or cataract surgery increases the chances of experiencing floaters.

Causes of Eye Floaters and When to Treat Them

If you experience a sudden increase in floaters and flashes of light, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with our eye specialist. Floaters often occur because the vitreous gel inside the eye is shrinking and pulling away from the retina in small sections. These can cause a tear in the retina that leads to retinal detachment.

When the retina is pulled back from the back wall of the eye, it is known as a tear or detachment and is a severe eye emergency. Detachment of the retina can lead to permanent blindness if left untreated, so it’s crucial to get a retinal detachment diagnosed as soon as possible.

Eye Floater Removal Treatment

If your floaters cause you no problems, there is no reason to get them treated. However, if floaters are affecting your vision or become distracting, treatment may be a great option.  

Louisiana Retina offers complete floater removal surgery using advanced microscopic equipment smaller than a needle. The equipment is so small that incisions or sutures are not required.

The procedure is outpatient and recovery is very quick.

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